Ganoderma Mycelium – An Enriched Supplement Good for the Whole Family

Ganoderma mycelium may look like very fragile, breakable threads, but they are the building blocks of the ganoderma mushroom. As such, the ganoderma mycelium is rich in vitamins, minerals, enzymes and polysaccharides which have been shown to turbocharge your body’s immune system , fight infections and deflect illnesses.

Now, with advances in technology to cultivate ganoderma mycelium, the nutrients found in the reishi mycelium, are readily available to boost your health and that of your family.

Benefits of Reishi Mycelium

If you are suffering from stress, count on reishi mycelium to relax and calm you. Scientific studies have also shown that it also cuts high cholesterol, moderates blood pressure and helps those suffering from depression.

The key benefit of ganoderma mycelium is that it is more easily processed and its nutrients are more easily digestible.

You may already have heard of ganoderma lucidum, the wonder mushroom that has more than 200 trace elements to maximize the body’s own healing abilities.

Ganoderma mycelium is even richer in polysaccharides. Polysaccharides is the active element that fights viral infections, strengthens your immune system, and gets your body set up to operate efficiently and effectively. It is also found to contain organic germanium which encourages the immune system to boost its anti-cancer activity.

Enhanced Ganoderma Mycelium

With reishi mycelium, it’s also possible to strengthen and revive failing biological functions of the elderly with a potent blend of ganoderma mycelium and Royal jelly. Think of it as a power-charged antioxidant which nourishes cells, sweeps away the free radicals, improve general health, and lengthen life span.

The umbrella shaped mushroom that you see above ground is really only a very small portion of the entire plant.  Ganoderma mycelium, which grows and expands in the soil like a network of filaments, makes up 90% of the entire plant.

Ganoderma mycelium is durable, and the oldest patch of discovered ganoderma mycelium is 2400 years old, and occupies more than 2,000 acres.

Scientifically Validated benefits of Ganoderma Mycelium

You may find it hard to believe that so many regenerative and healing properties can be found in a network of hair-like filaments, but research at colleges, hospitals and by pharmaceutical companies have validated that they truly exist.

If you are wondering why is it you have not heard much about ganoderma mycelium, it’s that only in the recent past has it been possible to manufacture and produce the ganoderma mycelium for wide commercial distribution and production.

Like the ganoderma mushroom, reishi mycelium is safe for the whole family, including children and nursing mothers.

However, it is also advisable to check with your doctor if you have any concerns. But millions of consumers are enjoying better health, feeling stronger, toning their muscles and looking younger as a result of consistent and committed consumption of ganoderma mycelium as a health food supplement. These health benefits can be yours too.


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